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Today has me thinking about where I and who I was ten years ago.

This time ten years ago I was pregnant with my darling daughter.

I was 23.

At twenty three I thought I made it. I was given exactly what I wanted.

I was truly, madly and irrevocably {yes the word is taken from twilight – i love it} with Mr.Kypo.

I was elated to be having his baby.

We moved back to the Blue Mountains to our temporary home why we looked to buy our own place.

We slept in the bedroom I grew up in. Changes were made. The room I had decorated to express my own personal style.

It now  had our bed on the floor, a TV on the floor and pregnancy books by the bed.

I was four months pregnant.

I desperately wanted a baby belly. It was still flat.

Everyday I questioned whether there was a baby in there.

Mr.Kypo and I loved, we shopped, we drove to and from work together, we had appointments together, we cried together {near lost of our baby twice} and supported each other. We were magnets. Magnets in love that could not be separated.

Ten years ago I battled with moving into the house with my mum who drank too much alcohol and I felt as though I became a parent to her. My dad wasn’t talking to me and my brother was excited to be an uncle.

I would never have imagined that 2010 would look like this.