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Valentines love being born

Valentines love

Sunflower love

He wakes. I kiss him. He kisses me back. ‘Hi Mama’, Parker speaks. My eyes cannot open. I whisper to Mr. Kypo, ‘Can you please take him down stairs?’. Mr. Kypo selflessly rolls over, picks Parker up and let’s me sleep before work. I express gratitude for this as they both walk down the stairs. I am already asleep before they reach the bottom step.

I hear Lotus wake,she kisses me and she walks down the stairs. My eyes still cannot open. Sometime later I hear Noah wake. He kisses me and he walks down the stairs. My eyes still cannot open.

I am beginning to wake and amongst the regret I feel for staying awake until early hours of the morning crocheting, I’m excited to be creating with my hands and producing some handmade love. I fall back asleep.

Unaware of time and how long it’s been since the last kiss I have received I am woken to, ‘Where’s Mama?’ I hear Mr. Kypo and Parker is climbing the stairs. My eyes open. At the top of the stairs he sees me. His joy and excitement is expressed as he runs to me. (He learnt to run and climb last week.) Once he is at the bed I scoop him up. Lotus runs up the stairs and joins us. Mr. Kypo leaves to get bread and Noah is downstairs.

Mr. Kypo returns and again I am unaware of how long he has been away. He calls out to Noah and asks him to take these to Lotus and Mama. Mr. Kypo yells from down the stairs, ‘ Happy Valentine’s Day babe’. I yell the same words back.

Lotus goes and meets Noah on the stairs and he hands her a bunch of her favourite flowers. Noah approaches me giddy and loved up holding a big bunch of sunflowers. I swoon with love. He and Parker both kiss me.

I wander down stairs and Mr. Kypo is making toast. I walk over, kiss him and tell him I love him. He holds me, and as I walk off, he slaps my butt. I turn and smile. He has his boy cheeky grin on.

Our morning concludes as we all dart in different directions. School for the older two, sleep for our littlest and work for me. At work I make Mr. Kypo a Valentines card. I walk home during my lunch break to give it to him. He and Parker are chasing each other around the kitchen bench laughing. I give the card to Parker to give to him. He does. Mr. Kypo walks up and kisses me. As he walks off, I slap his butt and give him my girly cheeky smile.

My lover rocks!