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Sneaking home, walking up the stairs and capturing this – pure bliss!

Being a working mama is hard. Being a working mama can suck big time.

I never forget how lucky I am to own kindergartens which in turn allows me to still see my babes in my workplace. Mr. Kypo brings Parker to me everyday. He also did this with Lotus and Noah too. It is these visits that turn me to mush instantly, but today was hard, really hard.

Parker wanted me. I wanted him. However I  had a Kindy of children to teach and responsibility.  I could feel my heart racing and I didn’t want my ‘unsure energy’ and anxiety to filter through to Parker, my team and our kindy kids.

I didn’t have my essential oils with me. I usually rub a little of this on my neck and then exhale. I did however remember this little technique I read in Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book called Miracles Now. I instantly took a calming breath in and as my index finger touched my thumb I said, ‘peace’. Leaving my index finger touching my thumb I moved my middle finger to my thumb and said, ‘is’. Leaving that finger there I moved my ring finger and said, ‘within’ and then added my pinky and said, ‘me’. Peace is within me.  Go on try it.

A calmness washed over me and I could carry on. Suddenly the being a working mama is hard and being a working mama can suck stopped playing in my head and gratitude took centre place with the following thoughts. I could exhale.